Statewide Locations throughout WA


$250 per player


The Surf Academy coaching staff works with student-athletes and families to create a roadmap for reaching their goal of studying and playing soccer at the collegiate level.

We offer:

  • College Planning
  • Application Education/Assistance
  • Athletic Recruiting
  • PSAT, SAT and ACT Prep
  • NCAA Compliance Education
  • Alumni Network and Support

For HS Senior Girls and Boys Born in 2000 & 1999

Aims of Program:
The aim of the Surf Academy Senior Program is to train graduating high school seniors for the challenges and demands of playing college soccer. It follows the high school senior calendar and creates a plan to prepare entering collegiate freshmen to excel in their first season! It is also the place for uncommitted players who are still looking for a collegiate program. This age group also will compete up to two national showcase tournaments as part of the preparation for the next level. As always, the Senior Program helps promote and reinforce the development of PSPL Clubs and soccer in Washington.

What is Surf Academy Senior Program?

Surf Academy Senior Program is based on what’s best for the players. The focus on improving skills and understanding the game lies at the heart of the program.

All players receive professional training from the top Academy Coaches and supporting assistants. Players will train following a customized calendar over six months to fit this group special scheduling demands.

Players at the top level realize that a team's success is dependent on it's individuals' efforts. This program prepares individuals for the demands of College soccer.

Why Join Surf Academy Senior Program?

The players continue to maximize touches and elevate their understanding of the game. Players will compete in showcase tournaments based on the decision of the coach and coaching director. The tournament cost is separate. This program is scheduled to conclude by end of June to give players a running start on the collegiate competition!

This program curriculum focus is on:
  • Speed, Quickness & Agility
  • Advanced soccer skills and foot work
  • Technique, Technique, Technique!!!
This program is a challenging environment where the individual technical development is the main focus. It will give your player confidence and set them up for an exciting future in College soccer!

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