About the College Prep Program

Classroom Sessions for Parent & Player Education

August 2 -4 - Wenatchee, WA

The PSPL Surf Academy is committed to both turning out quality players and to helping them find a college to suit their educational, geographical and athletic needs. We provide many opportunities to be seen by college coaches at Showcase tournaments and ID Camps. We are proud to partner with College Fit Finder to give our athletes the resources to successfully transition into the college game.
Classroom Sessions for Parent & Player Education.
All college preparatory students will receive a college prep manual and homework assignments. The college manual is designed for athletes who want to be recruited and play at the collegiate level. The student will learn the secrets on how to be seen, and impress college coaches. This manual goes in-depth on the recruiting process and teaches you all the current NCAA rules and regulations for college soccer.
The college prep manual covers:
1) When to start the college preparation process
2) Player academic and skill-set requirements
3) The differences in universities (e.g., private or State etc.)
4) The differences between JC, D3, D2, NAIA and D1 soccer teams
5) Recruiting laws
6) Organizing player profiles and data sheets
7) Contacting college coaches in the most effective way
8) How to stand out as a college recruit
9) What to expect each year in the recruiting process
10) What to expect regarding official visits, home visits, scholarship offers, etc.
What's more: it is the place to be seen if you want to join the PSPL Surf Academy program!
  • Surf Academy: College Prep Camps
  • For Ages: 14 to 18
  • Open to all players
  • Talent identification for Academy
  • Rigorous college-level and Academy training curriculum
  • PSPL Director On-Site: Mike Osborn
  • $125 to Non-Academy Players
  • $65 to PSPL Academy Players

§  The College Prep Camps will be assigned across Washington State.

§  Age of 14 to 18 years

PSPL Surf Academy College Prep Camps will be the primary forum to identify local talent and train players at an elite level. The PSPL Surf Academy program partners with PSPL Clubs.

 The College Prep Camps will consist of two to three days of training under the PSPL Surf Academy curriculum. Current PSPL Surf Academy coaching staff - with special guest coaches  - will run the training sessions.

The College Prep Camps are open to all players who want to continue to improve and seek additional training opportunities. Participating athletes will be invited to attend a variety of off-field sessions – from college planning to fitness and nutrition.

The coaching staff will constantly be identifying and evaluating talent that participates in the various College Prep Camps through the 2017 season. .

If invited to the player pool, the player will train and play with the current registered players in his/her age group. During this trial period, coaches will monitor the player and then make a decision.