About the PSPL Surf Academy Director of Coaches

My goal for the PSPL Surf Academy is to help young players reach the collegiate level. Ultimately, I want make the Surf Academy program one of the leading soccer academies in the country.
We will operate a clear development pathway beginning with our Surf Juniors to our older Surf Academy players. Players and coaches will follow a curriculum and we will have regular evaluations. Expect to play hard and love the game.
My vision is simple: create an elite training environment for young players to reach the highest level of success. We will achieve that first by providing an atmosphere that seeks to develop the complete player on and off the field.
This program specifically will replicate the collegiate soccer experience. I also want to continue to advance the game of soccer in the Community. We will be offering a wide range of high level, flexible and competitive training designed to improve advanced players.
We will concentrate on coaching individual players beyond typical teaching topics and themes. There is a need for a differentiated coaching approach that encourages young players to embrace their own personalities on the pitch, regardless of their stage of development. Differentiation focuses on each individual within a coaching session. Every player learns differently. This approach is paramount to progress and learning, ensuring the best environment for all players.
I am really excited to help young and talented soccer players realize their dreams and to continue their passion for the game of soccer.
Coaching License:
  • (NSCAA)National Premier Diploma USA
  • (NSACAA) Advanced National Diploma USA
  • (NSCAA)  National Diploma USA
  • (NSCAA) Regional Goalkeeping License USA
  • (NSCAA)  State Goalkeeping License USA
  • State of Florida Department of Education Educator's Diploma USA
  • Theory and Practice of Coaching a Specific Sport (1 011542) Diploma USA
  • Coaching Theory Diploma (1-011-541)
  • Certificate Sports Medicine Diploma (1 506 003 A)
  • Florida Youth Soccer Association C License USA Waived
  • Personal Training Certification USA
  • Fitness & Nutrition Diploma USA
  • Preliminary License English Football Association. United Kingdom
  • Sports psycology Diploma United Kingdom
Additional Info:
  • NSCAA Associate National Coaching Staff
  • Extreme Academy Director College Placement Program Nationally
  • Director of Coaching RSA Elite Soccer Club. Washington
  • Former Coaching Staff Nova Southeastern University Florida, Div 2.
  • PSPL Academy Staff Washington State
  • PSPL Collegiate Identification Camp Director
  • Former Director of Coaching Megu Fusion Soccer Club. Florida
  • Former Head Coach Orlando Nighthawks Professional (Men's) Soccer Team. Florida
  • Former Head Coach Semi Professional Space Coast Strikers (Men's). Florida
  • Former Goalkeeping Coach Florida Tech University, Div 2. (Men's)
  • Operation Director Post to Post International Training Camps
  • Former professional player for the Orlando Sundogs, United States Indoor Soccer League.
  • Former professional player for Aston Villa Academy.