• PSPL Surf Academy Tryouts: no refunds will be awarded. If a player pulls out after registering, the player will forfeit the entire registration payment.
  • PSPL Surf Academy Program Registration refunds are awarded based on a sliding scale.
  • Last Date of Play or Practice:
    • Prior to March 31: May receive up to 50% of the total registration fees due
    • April 1 to May 31: May receive up to 25% of the total registration fees due
    • June 1 or after: No refunds will be issued after June 1st
  • PSPL Surf Academy ID Camp: refunds will be awarded prior to camp commencement minus $25 Administration Fee. If a player pulls out after camp commencement, the player will forfeit the entire registration payment.
The travel deposit is an advance on the travel costs to attend a tournament. For every event, players are responsible to pay for their share of room, meals and ground transportation. Such travel costs can range from $250 per player to $500 per player depending on the event and location. We collect the travel costs prior to every tournament. The Travel deposit is non-refundable if the player commits to attend a tournament then backs out. If a player has been paying his/her travel costs and there is a balance at the conclusion of all of the tournaments, the academy will refund any remaining balance at the end of the season. Cost of transportation to the event, such as flights, is separate and the responsibility of the player.
Financial aid is available but players must prove they have serious financial need. Email surfacademy@pugetsoundpremierleague.com for the paperwork.
It is not required, but strongly recommended. As we get closer to an event, it might be in your best interest to make it to another training outside your area.
It is similar to other US club Player Development Program (PDP) or state Olympic Development Program(ODP) but we offer more training and exposure at elite showcase tournaments. We identify top players in our league and recommend some of them to the US Club regional id2 camp. We develop pools of the best players and prepare them to compete in regional and national tournaments. But the ultimate aim of the PSPL Surf Academy is to help our players realize their dream of playing college soccer, or the professional ranks.
We travel with 18 players to every event.
We play nationally and regionally ranked boys and girls teams representing some of the biggest and best clubs in the country. We play against top ECNL teams on the girls’ side and some of our boys’ teams scrimmage against the Sounders FC development academy teams. We play other state PDP teams such as Norcal Premier from Northern California and Oregon’s PDP group.
Yes, returning players get to keep their kits from the previous year.
New players will have a pre-assigned number and you cannot pick your own
No, GK’s only need to buy the GK kit. If we need to ever play them on the field then we will borrow a kit from another field player.
The Kit costs under $200. If you did not receive a uniform link, contact operations at surfacademy@pugetsoundpremierleague.com
If players travel on a school day, then yes we have dedicated study time.
We are working with a travel agent that will help with booking flights and we will always give you the dates and preferred airline schedule.
This is no guarantee that a player will travel, but in the past we have done a pretty job making sure that every player attended at least 1-2 events.
Two GK’s will travel with the team to every event.
High School games take the same precedent as club games; if you miss and Academy training for high school game, it will not be held against you.
To order your kits, you will receive a link to soccer.com and to order apparel you can visit fine design.com for Surf Academy Apparel and gear.
At least 6 weeks for events that we travel by plane and at least 2-3 weeks for event that we can drive to.
To log onto the parent portal to register you will receive a registration link and that will get you into the parent portal
Yes - we will take male or female Chaperones for either gender and we only take couples. Since Chaperones share a room, they must be the same sex or a couple.
To sign up as a team manager please contact surfacademy@pugetsoundpremierleague.com
Yes, if you pay the $700 fee in an installment then there is a $100 service fee
Both forms of ID are acceptable although we prefer a birth certificate