The Puget Sound Premier League (PSPL) Surf Academy provides high-level playing opportunities for the ambitious and elite players. This club-complementing training and playing program has two components to it, a junior and senior program. The younger ages are called the Surf Juniors Academy, (click here), which is open for birth years of 2008 and 2009. The older age groups are known as our Surf Academy, (click here), and open for birth years 2007-2003. These pools of players will train outside, in addition to (not in place), of their Club teams, and is aimed at increasing the levels of our players which in turn will help increase the level of our leagues teams.

The PSPL Surf Academy is a pathway for ambitious and elite players that are selected for a statewide pool of 26-34 players. This group is looking to play at the next level, at college recruitment, with possibilities of playing beyond that. The staff consists of DOC’s, Technical Directors, and top-licensed coaches within the PSPL.

Our mission is two-fold. First, to assist players in reaching their potential by helping them become smarter tactically and more confident technically. Second, to support the clubs across the Puget Sound Premier League by developing these talented young players by giving them additional training with competitive college showcase opportunities.

Our training includes tactical themes, technical and tactical functional training, and teaching of systems of play. In this manner we are helping raise the playing level and competitive nature and exposure of the league.

Training is monthly, except for April during the WA State Cup tournament, with tryouts in December and training starting in January through November. There is an initial ‘Development’ phase consisting of foundational topics that bring players up to a level which to progress from. This includes tactical themes, technical and tactical functional training, and systems of play. Continued trainings continue with scrimmages and tournaments sprinkled as the competitive phases increase throughout the year.

What does the PSPL Surf Academy do?

The PSPL Surf Academy provides additional training opportunities for elite players to train and compete together under the guidance of top national and regional coaches.


Surf Academy is a more committed, and more well-rounded version of the Olympic Development Program (ODP): more training, more college showcases, more exposure to college coaches which lasts for nine to eleven months.

How will the Academy experience differ from a typical club setting?

The Academy system is the best environment for player development. The Surf Academy offers top caliber instruction from coaches with USSF A, USSF B licenses, as well as United Soccer Coaches Premier level diplomas and many of them having played at the highest levels of our game. The Academy competes throughout the country at high level national and regional competitions. These tournaments and events expose players to a vast network of collegiate and national team coaches.

What are the advantages of playing for an Academy?

With the PSPL’s ‘Surf’ affiliation and its nationwide credibility, players are able to receive such playing experiences and exposure that compliment, and may go beyond, the Club team tournaments.

How many PSPL Surf Academy players have gone onto play at the collegiate level?

The PSPL Surf Academy has had over 60 players go on to play collegiate soccer since it’s foundation.

What are the costs for PSPL Surf Academy players?

The selected Academy players pay $550 program participation fee. These fees cover field costs, training, coaches’ fees, administrative fees, and daily operations of the Surf Academy. Tournament costs vary according to age group within the Academy. Scholarships are available on an as needed basis for any player who applies and provides supporting documents.

Which age groups will compete in the PSPL Surf Academy?

The Academy is split by gender into 4 age divisions; 2003 Girls and Boys, 2004 Girls and Boys, 2005 Girls and Boys, 2006 Girls and Boys, 2007 Girls and Boys,. Surf Juniors is broken up into Girls and Boys 2008, 2009 age groups.

How are Academy players selected?

The PSPL Surf Academy has tryout sessions for players to be selected across the state for each age group in the Surf Academy program.

Training opportunities are also available for identified or recommended players by respective club directors for potential inclusion into the age group pool. The PSPL Surf Academy holds open tryouts in November and December of each year.

When are tryouts?

Please check the PSPL Surf Academy Surf Academy Tryout page  for current information.

How long is the season?

The season typically runs nine to eleven months depending on the age group, from January thru November.

How often do teams train?

During the season, with the exception for April during the WA State Cup tournament and September – start of Fall League play, the Academy teams typically train once a month as an entire age group pool at various locations mainly in Western WA locations. Each training date has two training sessions for each age group. Each training session is 90 minutes long.

Where do the PSPL Surf Academy teams train?

The Academy Regional training sessions are in locations such as: Starfire Sports (Tukwila, WA), Ravensdale Park(Maple Valley), Eastlake High School(Sammamish). The location varies depending on weather and scheduling.

Who coaches the PSPL Surf Academy teams?

The PSPL Surf Academy is under the direction of Academy Coaching Director  Erik Oman, as well as Surf Juniors Director, Matthew Olson and Assistant Director Shawn Percell. The full list of Academy coaches can be found by visiting our Academy Coaching Staff page.

PSPL Surf Academy Key Dates:

  • November & December: Tryout sessions
  • December: Final pools announced
  • January:
  • Academy fees due – $550
  • Mini-Camp on the 4th
  • February:
  • Pool training
  • Tournament
  • March:
  • Pool training
  • April:
  • Pool training
  • May:
  • Pool training
  • Tournament
  • June:
  • Pool training
  • July:
  • Pool training
  • Surf Cup (2006-2002)
  • August:
  • SX Cup (Juniors & 2007)
  • Pool training
  • September:
  • Pool training
  • Tournament
  • October:
  • Pool training
  • November:
  • Pool training
  • Tournament
  • December:
  • Tournament
  • Tryouts

Who do the Academy teams play?

The Academy teams compete throughout the country at high-level national and regional competitions. Please refer to the  Academy Calendar page for a complete list of events and tournaments.

Tournaments – no guarantee to travel to each event

This is no guarantee that a player will travel to all the tournaments.

Will players be selected statewide for top tournaments?

Yes, Academy tournament rosters are selected from players in each age group’s state wide pool.

Information to consider regarding players traveling to SX Cup in Canada:

  • Travel: This is an international tournament.
  • Proof of citizenship must be carried; a birth certificate accompanied by a photo ID will usually suffice. Proof of residence also may be required. Naturalized citizens should carry their naturalization certificate, and U.S. resident aliens must have an Alien Registration Receipt Card (Green Card).
  • Provide a Consent letter confirming that the child has permission to travel abroad (e.g. when taking a trip alone or with only one parent)
  • Supporting identification, such as a birth certificate or citizenship card

If the weather is bad all day, will the training be canceled?

If the weather is to be bad all day, the Academy Staff will make the decision regarding the training status and contact families via e-mail addresses provided during the time of program registration..

What is the Surf Academy program tuition cost?


  • Academy Program registration fee includes:
  • Training Sessions
  • Field Rental
  • Coaching Fees


  • Tournament Costs
  • Meals and Snacks,
  • Coaching Fees
  • Hotel Conference Room Fees
  • Cost of transportation to the tournament event, such as flights, and cost of hotel rooms is separate and the responsibility of the player.


  • Tournament Costs
  • Meals and Snacks
  • Coaching Fees
  • Hotel Rooms
  • Ground Transportation
  • Hotel Conference Room Fees
  • Cost of transportation to the tournament event, such as flights, is separate and the responsibility of the player.

Is financial aid available?

The PSPL Surf Academy will offer scholarships on a case-by-case basis. All applications for financial aid will be reviewed by the Academy. Please e-mail surfacademy@psplsoccer.com.

What is your refund policy?

PSPL Surf Academy Program Fees:

PSPL Surf Academy Tryouts: no refunds will be awarded. If a player pulls out after registering, the player will forfeit the entire tryout registration payment.
PSPL Surf Academy Program Registration refunds are awarded based on a sliding scale.
Last Date of Play or Practice:
• Prior to March 31: May receive up to 50% of the total registration fees due
• April 1 to May 31: May receive up to 25% of the total registration fees due
• June 1 or after: No refunds will be issued after June 1st

PSPL Surf Academy Tournament Fees:

PSPL Surf Academy Tournament Fees is non-refundable once player commits to attend a tournament by accepting the roster invitation. If written notice is received prior to the tournament commitment deadline, refunds will be awarded. Otherwise, if after committing to attend a tournament, no refunds will be awarded. If a player pulls out of a tournament after accepting the invitation before the deadline, the player will forfeit the entire tournament fee/payment.
If unable to attend due to medical injury, the PSPL Surf Academy will require a doctor’s note in order to issue any refunds after the tournament acceptance deadline.
Refund Requests due to Medical injury:
• Pulling out of tournament prior to Acceptance deadline: May receive up to 100% of the total tournament fees plus doctor’s note minus 20% administration fee.
• Pulling out of tournament after the Acceptance deadline: May receive 50% of the total tournament fees plus doctor’s note minus 20% administration fee.

PSPL Surf Academy ID Camp Refunds:

ID Camp refunds will be awarded prior to December 31st minus $25 Administration Fee .
If a player pulls out between January 1st and week prior to the Camp commencement, the player will receive 50% refund.
Players that pull out within 7 days leading up to the ID Camp will forfeit the entire registration payment.